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Dear Friends,

Our 29 exceptional Class of 2024 Mission Scholars students have been diligently working towards their goal of attending four-year universities. As we find ourselves in the midst of a productive college application season, we are beyond proud of their unwavering commitment, resilience, and dedication.

Our Scholars have been attending weekly workshops, where they are receiving guidance on every aspect of the application process. From crafting compelling personal statements to navigating the complexities of financial aid, they are well-prepared to face any challenge head-on. Our Scholars have also been meeting with their dedicated essay coaches, volunteers who provide one-on-one support, guidance, and feedback to ensure that their personal statements truly reflect their unique stories and aspirations.

For many of our Scholars, being the first in their families to apply to four-year universities is a monumental milestone. The pride and joy that this achievement brings to their families cannot be overstated.

The support of our community is vital in helping our Scholars reach their dreams. Whether it’s through mentorship, volunteering, or financial contributions, your involvement makes a significant difference. Thank you for being an integral part of the Mission Scholars family. Together, we are breaking down barriers to higher education.

Thank you,

The Mission Scholars Team


“Mission Scholars has given me so much support and guidance in my college application process. They have provided a lot of resources that I would not know of otherwise. I recently visited Pitzer College through a fly-in program that they informed me about and I am excited to be applying there this fall. I am also applying to Occidental College, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and more. I plan to major in Psychology and minor in Spanish and pursue a career in Child Therapy or Social Work. I am very grateful for Mission Scholars and I am very excited for what’s to come!”


Ramey joined Mission Scholars in 2021 and considers herself a “home grown” college advisor after experiencing the lack of college application resources for public high school students. After volunteering for Matchlighters (a national college advising service for first-generation students) remotely for 8 years, Ramey is thrilled to concentrate her work with Mission Scholars and local Santa Barbara students in person. Ramey is passionate about really getting to know students so they can find colleges that fit in many ways: academic levels, career intentions, college culture, regional desires, and financial needs. Some of Ramey’s favorite parts of Mission Scholars are the amazing students she gets to work with, collaborating with other counselors, demystifying the process, and of course, celebrating the acceptances!