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Nationwide, only 11% of low-income students finish college by age 24. To counteract this—and encourage 100% retention—we continue to support our Scholars throughout college by providing each with the following services:

College Success College Study Skills

College Study Skills

This weeklong workshop is offered in the summer prior to enrolling in college and provides each Scholar with an individualized plan for academic success during their first year of college.

College Success College Coaching

College Coaching

We match each Scholar with a trained community volunteer who provides guidance on how to succeed through the various aspects of college life (academic, social, emotional). Our volunteers are also trained and ready to advocate on behalf of the student, if necessary.

College Success Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Workshops and individual guidance to help our Scholars understand how to make college affordable, how to create personal budgets, and how best to prepare for financial freedom post-college.

College Success Leaders in Transition

Leaders in Transition (LIT)

A four-year professional development program that advises each Scholar as they successfully prepare for their career during college.

College Success Internship Matching Program

Internship Matching Program

We will continue to leverage the Mission Scholars Internship Matching Program to place qualified Mission Scholars college students with local internships across various industries. Many of our students’ current summer internships are a direct result of career coaching and internship placement.

Kathy R. testimonial

“Mission Scholars provides invaluable service to high-achieving students who deserve to be helped, but can’t necessarily afford the support they need. This program completely improves the trajectory of our lives by making our dreams of college a reality. It is the most helpful organization I’ve ever been exposed to, and it targets the biggest turning point in our lives. Thank you for your role in making that happen for all of us.”

-Kathy R., Mission Scholars ’20, USC ’24
(Recipient of the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship)